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Bridget Wade,

HISD Trustee, District VII

A core mission of C Club is to “help build a better community” and there is no one more dedicated to that endeavor than Bridget.  Bridget’s commitment to education, the arts and health care institutions at various Board level positions, combined with her life-long conservative beliefs, make her the perfect candidate to begin the process of turning around HISD.  We feel fortunate that someone with Bridget’s incredible resume has stepped up to serve the children and tax payers of Houston.  C Club wholeheartedly supports Bridget’s “For the Kids” campaign.

All Endorsed Candidates
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All endorsed candidates received, at minimum, 75% support from our members. The “C” Club interviews all candidates it endorses and does not accept any money from candidates in its endorsement process. “C” Club endorses the following candidates.

You can download a printable version of the full endorsement slate here.

Federal State Houston Area Judicial
Federal Candidates
Donald J. Trump

President / United States

John Cornyn

U.S. Senator / Texas

Dan Crenshaw

U.S. Representative / District 2

Wesley Hunt

U.S. Representative / District 7

Kevin Brady

U.S. Representative / District 8

Troy Nehls

U.S. Representative / District 22

Wendell Champion

U.S. Representative / District 18

Brian Babin

U.S. Representative / District 36

Michael McCaul

U.S. Representative / District 10

Statewide Candidates
Brandon Creighton

State Senator / District 4

Milina Morris

State Senator / District 13

Larry Taylor

State Senator / District 11

Lois Kolkhorst

State Senator / District 18

Jacey Jetton

State Representative / District 26

Gary Gates

State Representaive / District 28

Sam Harless

State Representative / District 126

Dan Huberty

State Representative / District 127

Briscoe Cain

State Representative / District 128

Dennis Paul

State Representative / District 129

Tom Oliverson

State Representative / District 130

Michael Schofield

State Representative / District 132

Jim Murphy

State Representative / District 133

Sarah Davis

State Representative / District 134

Justin Ray

State Representative / District 135

Lacey Hull

State Representative / District 138

Luis LaRotta

State Representative / District 148

Valoree Swanson

State Represenative / District 150

Tony Salas

State Representative / District 144

Harold V. Dutton Jr.

State Representative / District 142

Lily Truong

State Representative / District 149

Will Hickman

Member / State Board of Education

Jim Wright

Commissioner / Texas Railway Commission

Audrey Young

Member / State Board of Education

Houston Area Candidates
Tom Ramsey

County Commissioner / Precinct 3

Joe Danna

Sherrif / Harris County

Mary Nan Huffman

District Attorney / Harris County

Chris Daniel

Tax Assessor Collector / Harris County

Don Summers

County School Trustee / Position 7, At Large

Mark Herman

Constable / Precinct 4

Ted Heap

Constable / Precinct 5

Judicial Candidates
Nathan Hecht

Chief Justice / Supreme Court

Jane Bland

Justice / Supreme Court, Place 6, Unexpired Term

Jeff Boyd

Justice, Supreme Court / Place 7

Brett Busby

Justice / Supreme Court, Place 8

Russel Lloyd

Justice / 1st Court of Appeals

Ken Wise

Justice / 14th Court of Appeals

Tracy Christopher

Justice / 14th Court of Appeals

Russ Ridgway

Justice of the Peace / Precinct 5, Pl. 1

Bert Richardson

Justice / Court of Criminals Appeals

David Newell

Justice / Court of Criminals Appeals

Kevin Yeary

Justice / Court of Criminals Appeals

Terry Adams

Justice / 1st Court of Appeals

Kristen Hawkins

District Judge / 11th Judicial District

Erin Elizabeth Lunceford

District Judge / 61st Judicial District

Sharon Hemphill

District Judge / 80th Judicial District

Nile Copeland

District Judge / 127th Judicial District

Mike Engelhart

District Judge / 151st Judicial District

Robert K Schaffer

District Judge / 152nd Judicial District

Michael Landrum

District Judge / 164th Judicial District

Bruce Bain

District Judge / 165th Judicial District

Fred Schuchart

District Judge / 334th Judicial District

Dan Lemkuil

District Judge / 334th Judicial District

Jesse McClure

District Judge / 339th Judicial District

Alyssa Lemkuil

District Judge / 507th Judicial District

Lesley Briones

Judge / County Civil Court at Law No.4

Linda Garcia

Judge / County Criminal Court at Law No.12, Unexpired term

Bill Harmon

Judge / County Criminal Court at Law No.16

John Nation

County Attorney / Harris County

Stan Stanart

County Clerk / Harris County, Unexpired Term